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Formed by Joshua Homme against a backdrop of 1990s Palm Desert, California, Queens of the Stone Age is what happens when a multidimensional musical entity outgrows the very genre it creates. Too prolific, ambitious and just plain brilliant to be tethered to or limited by the confines of any genre.  Ultimately morphing into the behemoth that has blessed the world with a range of bangers from “No One Knows” to “Little Sister,” “My God is the Sun” to “The Way You Used To Do” and everything in between. Undeniably rock — yes, always, but with the blood, sweat and dark magical swagger only Homme and his cohorts can conjure.

Regularly hailed as one of the greatest live bands in existence, Queens of the Stone Age consists of Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Michael Shuman, Dean Fertita and Jon Theodore… What started off as “generator parties” in the desert has evolved to sold out arenas and headlining the main stage of your favourite summer festival.


The narrative of the Spiderbait story is so fantastical it could only be based in truth: three friends from a small country Australian town taking on the Australian music scene on their own terms and emerging triumphant 25 years later, the friendships unscathed but their band one of the biggest and best on the national scene.

As brash and confident as they are strange and uncompromising, the three founding members of Spiderbait – Janet, Whitt and Kram – started humbly in the rural NSW township of Finley, the fervent music lovers taking inspiration from everything from Slayer to The Bangles and meshing into one intoxicating and unique brew.


Hands down the world’s greatest post-millennial punk-rock group, The Chats have skipped past the unimaginable banana skin of COVID-19 to emerge tougher, faster, funnier, more riotous – even better for 2022!

The trio, originally formed in Australia’s self-explanatory resort Sunshine Coast, are a once-in-a-generation band who reconnect popular music with its roots in ultra-raw rock ‘n’ roll, inject their own fresh perspective, and have duly made an instantaneous connection with their youthful peers right across the globe. Most people know them for their 2017 breakthrough banger, ‘Smoko’, but that has proved to be just the party-starter, merely the entrée to a high-volume, full-throttle world where intoxication, excitement and laughter rule supreme – the kind of kinetic thrills which have all but drained out of contemporary pop/rock.


Originally formed in the turn of the 2010’s, as “a Royal Trux-cum-Cream power trio,” fronted by Allbrook with Jay Watson and Joe Ryan, Pond added Jamie Terry shortly afterwards, with James Ireland later rounding out the irrepressible five-piece. Ever prolific, Pond boasts an impressive eight studio albums in their ever expanding repertoire.

Pond released their new polychromatic music machine9on October 1st, 2021viaSpinning Top Records / Secretly Distribution and the record debuted at#6 on the ARIA album chart. On their ninth studio album, the Fremantle five piece recapture an anarchic sense of uncertainty and fly closer than ever before to the creative supernova that has blazed across so much of their music. Taking a leaf out of krautrock outliers Can’s book, at the start of 2020 Pond embarked on a series of totally off-the-cuff jam sessions from which songs and ideas could be pulled out.


Sonically daring. Visually adventurous. Hypnotic art-punk with a bizarre post-punk edge. Six-piece ensemble Gut Health has emerged from the Naarm/Melbourne underground as one of Australia’s most compelling new acts.

Backed by the leadership of their LGBTI-heavy band and peers, Gut Health are brazen in their message of self-expression while staunchly encouraging the visceral powers of the dance floor through song, summoning a cross-pollination of communities to dance together – uninhibited, liberally, and safely.The band bottles these values along with the spirit of New York’s No-Wave revolution and the diverse musical backgrounds of each player – spanning punk to jazz and beyond – creating a polymorphous and positively thrilling, dance-floor filling, post-punk concoction.


A new era of Lola Scott is here with new single ‘High School Drama’ off the back of a heavy year of touring with national supports for Men I Trust, Holly Humberstone, CLEWS, Teenage Dads, and festivals. Building on her sonic base of rock inspired alt pop, ‘High School Drama’ expands with lo-fi distorted guitars, infectious energy + cheeky lyrics.